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9 minutes ago
The education sector is slowly but surely turning to technology to improve the quality of education imparted to students. The use of computer vision in education helps educators analyze and understand...
15 minutes ago
Is Huawei's under fire 5G technology really coming to America​?
19 minutes ago
Take the “model minority” stereotype often applied to Asian Americans. This image hurts everyone.
39 minutes ago
If they saw us as we were before the recent industrial revolution, would there be any reason to particularly care about us?
51 minutes ago
Choosing RAM for your next build can be a tough decision, so we're here to help.
Distribution of Quentin Tarantino’s film Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood in China has been postponed indefinitely, the Los Angeles Times confirmed on Friday.The movie was to be released October 25 in...
1 hour ago
Apple’s latest iPhone 11 has new features and costs $100 more than last year’s iPhone XR. But it might not be worth buying.
1 hour ago
Regrettably, I know these people. More than likely, you do too. We’ve heard about them, worked with them, worked for them, and some of us (me included) have had the misfortune of hiring them. Weak lea...
1 hour ago
Blacklisted Chinese telecoms equipment giant Huawei is in early-stage talks with some U.S. telecoms companies about licensing its 5G network technology.
A lawyer for US President Donald Trump and his re-election campaign has threatened in a letter to sue CNN for what he said was the network’s false advertisements for itself as a news organisation, cal...
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